By Talani

From a young age, my passion has always been the arts: media, art, drama, design…

My career goal is to pursue university studies in the creative arts and design. At this stage I love drama, art, media studies as well as design. I am looking for degrees and professions that combine as many of these fields as possible. Film and television is on my radar but so too is fashion and even architecture.

I have been fortunate to be able to travel with my parents through Europe, Asia and the United States and this has given me a very broad experience of the arts. I am fascinated by different cultures. From their clothes to the buildings, sculptures and other structures they create.




[one-half]This year I have been studying design which has opened up many new ideas for me. I am much more interested in 3D structures now and extending this to functional pieces such as the child’s chair that I designed and built.[/one-half][one-half last]I completed a course with Alpha models and many of the images appear on my website. It was not that I had ambitions to be a model but I wanted to better understand the industry. The course also gave me a huge confidence boost[/one-half]